The Appalachian Trail

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You may have heard it mentioned from time to time around the subject of the Smoky Mountains hiking trails and might have even wanted to take a gander into it yourself at some point – the Appalachian Trail is a part of our Smoky Mountain National Park and we get both visitors to the Smokies […]

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Fishing in the Smoky Mountains

people standing next to smoky mountain river

Is there anything manlier than walking outside before the noon day sun signals the start of the afternoon, walking knee or thigh-deep into freezing waters and catching your food for the day or weekend with nothing but a stick, string, a hook and something on that hook? There might be, but it’s hard to imagine […]

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August Eclipse in the Smokies

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Some of you might have heard by now that we’re having a partial eclipse coming up late this Summer on August 21st, for 2017. And if you haven’t heard by now, we’re happy to be ones to inform you! As a matter of fact, the partial eclipse will be visible through a swath of areas […]

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