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Fourth of July in Pigeon Forge


Patriot Park is where it’s at for 4th of July! For decades, the city of Pigeon Forge has had its civic celebration of Independence Day at their famous municipal city square, and each year it gets bigger and better than ever!

The entire park becomes a family picnic and fun park. Inflatable attractions for the young’uns, food tents, cooling down stations, and the entire Old Mill complex to enjoy. A huge stage is erected at the left side of the park for the full day of music performances that will take place on it. This year, our entertainment schedule is as follows:

Entertainment starting at 1:30PM (as posted by Mypigeonforge.com)
* Cruisin’ Memories.
* Just Bcuz Music.
* Veterans Tribute.
* Pigeon Forge Community Chorus.
* Tribute: A Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band.
* 2015 The Voice finalist and Knoxville’s own Emily Ann Roberts.

And our headlining act for this year is singer-songwriter Joe Diffie

What time are the fireworks going off? Between 9:30PM and 9:45PM. It’s usually a little off on timing there, but it’s worth waiting for, because the fireworks last at least 15 minutes from there. A great way to celebrate the freedom in our country!

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