turkey dinner

It’s almost time to call Harvest Festival a close for this year and very shortly after that, we will begin the holiday Winterfest season here in the Smokies. We’ve talked some about the Winterfest Kickoff events going on, so we’re going to look further at another very popular special event occasion – Thanksgiving. There are a range of special events going on during that weekend and we’ll detail them for you here:

Gatlinburg’s favorite W.L. Mills Auditorium events are back on this year between 11/21/17 to 11/27/17, and this year it even extends right into the starting Christmas events in early December. Gatlinburg Festival of Trees (11/22/17 – 11/27/17), The Great Smoky Mountains Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Show (11/21/17 – 11/26/17) and Winterfest Tunes and Tales (11/24/17 and continues on each weekend until the 17th of December). And then, quite literally right after the 29th, the the Great Smoky Christmas Arts and Crafts Show continues on from the Thanksgiving show listed above between 11/27/17 and 12/6/17. These can all be found quite close to one another and will greatly hype up the coming Christmas for this year, just as it has for years before that.

Visit www.gatlinburg.com for more information on those events.

Also, those who might be interested in seeing fireworks on Thanksgiving day should go visit the Titanic Museum on the parkway. On the 23rd, Titanic will be holding a fireworks show, having musical entertainment by singer Caitlin Mesiano, and even have their own “fantasy” princess there to entertain the younger guests.

We still currently have a few cabins open for the weekend of Thanksgiving. If you’re looking to have the best cabin in the Smokies for the best Thanksgiving, reserve them NOW.