snow tubing

Earlier this week we had our first taste of snow for Winterfest 2016. Not much, just a little dusting here in the lower regions of the Smokies, but because we typically get snowfall much later in the winter season, and only a handful of times each year at that, it’s still cause enough for a small celebration!

On that note, we often get questions on where/how/when the best place to get a white Christmas will be in the Smokies as a lot of our visitors have genuinely never had the chance to experience first-hand the beauty of a snowfall. While indeed a white Christmas is rare in East Tennessee (unless you live at the peaks of our mountains), the next best thing we recommend is taking some time to enjoy the slopes at Ober Gatlinburg!

For the uninitiated, Ober Gatlinburg during Winterfest becomes THE winter sports center of the county, offering the only ski slopes, snowboarding opportunities, snowtubing and (indoor) ice-skating for miles around. Most of the snow provided is artifically made, but the slopes operate on the lovely times when nature provides it as well. Ober Gatlinburg provides a full-service winter sports experience that includes those amenities, the restaurant, equipment rental, lessons and more. The rest of the park is also open, including the outdoor animal habitat, during the winter, so whether you’re a novice, pro or bringing a family for some fun in the snow, Ober Gatlinburg will satisfy!

See more on Ober Gatlinburg at www.obergatlinburg.com.