Take Control of Your Investment

Quit Paying Suspicious Fees To Shady Property Management Companies

Summit Cabin Rentals operates on the most affordable fee structure possible. Period.  Experience Full Service Property Management for as low as 20%.  Click the link below to get listed today and start earning your fair share of rental income.

Featured Marketing Channels

More Bookings

We create a beautiful listing for your property then market your property on every available listing site as well as our own privately owned websites!  We have a full reservationists that sell and promote your property 24/7/365.

Better Experience

We are full service property management with a focus on guest satisfaction.  We perform routine preventative maintenance monthly and address guest concerns and issues efficiently in order to maintain high guest return!

Cloud Based

Our entire owner experience is mobile and cloud based!  Watch and monitor your property’s performance instantly.  No more guessing what your check is gonna be at the end of the month.  No more suspicious fees from your rental company.  Get ready to experience complete transparency!

Locally Owned Since 2008

Locally owned and operated since 2008!  Everyone of our team members live and work here in Sevier County to better serve our Owners as well as our guests!

Lower Fees

We are a low fee structure–no more nickel and diming, suspicious charges, or random fees on your statement each month.  We have 1 Fee Per Month to cover the costs of managing and keeping up with your property and 1 Low Commission Split.  No more charges here and there for air filters, batteries, light bulbs, trip charges etc.  Get rid of the headache of the unknown, random fees–know exactly what you pay every month!

Flexible, No Term Commitment

We are so sure you will be impressed with our service that if you, for any reason, decide you want to go a different route we will cancel your contract and let you walk away no questions asked.

A proven track record for success.

Increasing revenue and your commission split.

  • By implementing the most cutting edge marketing techniques, we are in front of more potential guests than ever before.
  • Through our mobile app (available on Android and Apple), we can market your cabin to ALL your guests, not just the person who made the reservation.
    • Increase your potential repeat guests by 80%.
  • Our main site, SummitCabinRentals.com, places highly on Google.com and other search engines.
    • Not to mention our 8 other websites that place on page 1 and 2 of Google and Yahoo.
  • In addition to our complete in-house marketing routine, we manage listings on any 3rd party listing site through our reservation department.

Striving to have the #1 cleaning department in the Smokies.

Increases revenue, lowers charges, and enhances guest satisfaction. Everybody Wins.

  • We inspect each property before every check-in, after every clean, and during our routine monthly maintenance check.
    • This is party of our “Leaving nothing to chance” policy.
  • Being proactive and efficient is the key to saving our property owners money and ensuring exceptional high levels of guest satisfaction.
  • Results in less after-hours service calls and higher guest satisfaction
  • Higher guest satisfaction increases Repeat Guest Business

Keep a close eye on your investment.

Be able to monitor bookings, expenses, and testimonials. Complete Transparency.

      • Through our online owner portal you can access your rental revenue, expenses, and guest testimonies.
      • Your online owner portal is a powerful tool that is available to you 24/7 online, anywhere in the world.
      • Know how much money you can expect from your property before the end of the month, no surprises.
      • Money is direct deposited into your bank account no later than the 5th day of each month.
Bryce LipseyManager
I love my job here at Summit because i have a passion for vacationing and exploring new and exciting places. What better place to do that than the Smokies?
If you have any questions about our program and company, please don't hesitate to reach out. My cell number and email are above, please call, text, or email anytime. I'm excited to see if our company is the right fit for you and your property.
Joe LipseyOwner/Founder
We started Summit in 2008 with a mission to offer a better way to own a rental cabin in the Smokies! If you need anything or have any questions, please give me a call, text, or email me anytime!

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