pizza going into a wood fired grill


What’s May got going on in the Smokies? How about more barbecue and bluegrass in the county than should be legal? We exaggerate to build an idea of scale, we hope barbecue and bluegrass never becomes illegal here for it would close the door to two major foundations of Southern culture in the Smokies.

We have not one but TWO “barbeque and bluegrass” festivals going here soon, and there’s even a couple days where you could experience both festivals on the same day if you wanted to. The first one is Dollywood’s “Barbeque and Bluegrass” event going on from May 13th to the 22nd for the 2016. They serve mountains of exquisite barbecue foods – pulled pork, smoked sausage, chicken and much more – at Market Square while bluegrass groups play virtually round-the-clock all throughout the park. The list of bluegrass talent set to play is pretty long!

And then after, as well as during, that, we have the Sevierville Bloomin’ Barbeque and Bluegrass Festival (if ever you confuse the two, the word “Bloomin” should help clarify) which actually takes place around the Sevier County courthouse in the historic section of downtown Sevierville on May 21st and May 22nd. It’s usually the only event that shuts down that part of town and it’s a really fun atmosphere. There is, naturally, hundreds of different ways to get the best barbecue platter you’ve ever had and there will be a marathon of bluegrass and local acts playing on stage while arts and crafts booths open up on the avenues surrounding it. Lots of great stuff there and you can see more.

You’ll be able to get to each of these events with roughly 20 or so minutes from many of our houses in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and the Smokies. See our cabin list and find the right one for the festival you’d like to visit.