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The Winterfest After the Holidays

We had a blast over the holiday season in the Smokies – many times over in fact. After the first of the year and up until mid-March, we experience a lull in the action as many local businesses and visitors rest up and get ready for the Spring season when tourism picks up again.

However, we do see a lot of people who are interested to come to the Smokies when it is this type of season and wonder if it’s worth trying now that the main traffic of the year is gone until Spring. There are definitely advantages to the post-holiday Winterfest season, and we’ll share them with you:

1. Obviously, the lower traffic. We love and appreciate all the action our area sees, but rod runs and fireworks and big crowds just aren’t for everyone. There’s a quiet dignity that becomes the atmosphere in the Smokies and it does wonders for a vacationing couple or family looking to relax after a stressful holiday season.

2. The romance in the air! Related to the point above, the quiet dignity and the low traffic help put the Smokies in a genuinely romantic environment. You don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day, you can find that incredible atmosphere here right now, and if you can think of something that helps set the mood better than seeing snow-capped peaks in the distance, we’d like to hear it. 🙂

3. Many restaurants, attractions and businesses are still open throughout the year and some even run specials for visitors coming to vacation this season. Summit Cabin Rentals is one of them and you can see our specials on this page (https://www.summitcabinrentals.com/specials-discounts/)

If you’re looking to relax and bring your honey for a getaway you didn’t make during the holidays, what better time than now is there? See our cabins here and find the perfect one for your getaway foundation.