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Are you planning a trip to Gatlinburg? One of the most popular Gatlinburg attractions is Anakeesta. This outdoor adventure park provides plenty of opportunities to have fun and make memories while enjoying the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains! Here are some of the most exciting things to do at Anakeesta that you won’t want to miss!

1. Chondola

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To reach all the fun at the top of Anakeesta, the first thing you need to do is ride the Chondola! You can choose between an enclosed 6-person gondola cabin or an open-air 4-person chair. This scenic chairlift ride brings you up 600 feet to the top of Anakeesta. Along the way, you’ll enjoy great views of the forest beneath your feet and may even get to spot some local wildlife! At the end of the day, your ride back down the mountain will provide fantastic views of downtown Gatlinburg below!

2. AnaVista Tower

Are you looking for great views of Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains? Conquer your fears and climb the 86 steps to the top of AnaVists Tower for spectacular 360-degree views of the Smokies! The interpretive signs on the top observation platform will help you identify the mountain ranges and peaks that you can spot from this unique vantage point. If you’re brave enough, peer through the two glass panel floors into the gardens 60 feet below you!

3. Treetop Skywalk

Anakeesta Treetop Skywalk at night

A can’t-miss attraction at Anakeesta is the Treetop Skywalk. This is the longest tree-based skywalk in North America with a total of 880 feet of hanging bridges! These bridges are suspended 50 to 60 feet in the air amongst the tree canopy. This experience allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature and maybe even spot a bear on the forest floor below! Walking along the Treetop Skywalk is the perfect activity for nature enthusiasts and adventurous spirits.

4. Mountain Coasters

Anakeesta has two thrilling mountain coasters that each offer an unforgettable adventure! Rail Runner Mountain Coaster is America’s first single-rail mountain coaster and it brings you down 1,600 feet of twists and turns. As you race through the trees, you can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour! The Hellbender Smoky Mountain Coaster offers even more thrills, with high-speed twists, drops, and turns along 3,350 feet of track. Both mountain coasters allow you to control your own speed, so you can choose how fast you travel as you take in the beautiful scenery around you.

5. Dueling Zipline Adventure

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Are you looking for an exciting adventure? Anakeesta’s Dueling Zipline Adventure is sure to get your adrenaline pumping! Zip across more than 2,600 feet of cable through the tree canopy as you race side-by-side with your family and friends. Along the way you’ll see beautiful views and possibly some local wildlife! This zipline adventure includes three zips and multiple rappels for a thrill that you won’t soon forget!

More Things to Do in Gatlinburg

These are some of the most exciting things to do at Anakeesta that will fill your day with hours of fun! Are you looking for more things to do while you’re in town? Check out these inexpensive and free things to do in Gatlinburg so you can enjoy a memorable vacation without breaking the bank!