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3 Great Amenities in Our Smoky Mountain Cabins

We know that the costs of a vacation can add up fast. That’s why we want to make sure that our guests get the most out of the money they spend on lodging. We do this by providing quality lodging with great amenities! Find out more by exploring this list of 3 great amenities in our Smoky Mountain cabins:

1. Full-Size Kitchen

creekside manor too kitchenOne great amenity that we offer in our Smoky Mountain cabins is a full-size kitchen! It’s easy to whip up whatever you’re craving. Stop at the grocery store in town to get all the ingredients you need. There will be plenty of room to store everything! Cooking some meals at your cabin has great benefits. First, it can save you money on eating out. If you cook a big meal, you can have the leftovers throughout the whole trip. Second, cooking can be a great bonding experience if you’re traveling with your loved ones. The process will go by faster if everyone is helping out, so it won’t feel like a chore. Enjoy your meal around the kitchen table or in the comfortable seating on the porch. If you want other ways to cook, our cabins have a charcoal grill that is excellent for cooking juicy steaks and burgers.

2. Hot Tub and Seasonal Swimming Pool Access

The hot tub is another great amenity that we have at our Smoky Mountain cabins. Guests love it because they can’t wait to get in the warm water and let their stress melt away. A dip in the hot tub will be especially rewarding after an activity like a long hike, as it will soothe any and all tired muscles. Along with being relaxing, the hot tub is a way for guests to enjoy the outdoors in style. When sitting in the hot tub, get a panoramic view of the Smoky Mountain wilderness. See all the rich colors of the plants. You may even get the opportunity to see some of the animals that call the area home. Some popular residents include black bears and white-tailed deer. If you prefer cooler waters you can also rent a cabin that has seasonal pool access. Splash around in the water or lounge on the pool deck!

3. Theater Room and Arcade Games

Blue Ridge theater roomIf you love going to the movies, you can have that great experience without paying for a ticket when you rent one of our cabins with a theater room. Be on the edge of your seat with a thriller or laugh at a comedy. The theater room is also a great place to watch your favorite sports team and all the action of the “big game.” Another way to pass the time is by playing games. Our Smoky Mountain cabins with arcade games bring the fun of the arcade to you. Some may have nostalgic game machines like Pac-Man. Others may have classic table games, such as pool, foosball, or air hockey.

Now that you know more about what we offer, it’s time to choose a place to stay! Explore all of our Smoky Mountain cabins and find the perfect one for your vacation!