the dollywood sign
August 27, 2020

Almost every year, Dollywood puts on Rock The Smokies, a Christian concert music series. In years past, some of your favorite Christian artists have come from all over the world to perform at this special series. Learn more about Dollywood’s Rock The Smokies below:

Rock The Smokies

celebrity theaterTypically, the concert series takes place in the Celebrity Theater in Dollywood. People purchase tickets from all over the country to see some of their favorite artists. Some of the previous headlining artists include Casting Crowns and Third Day founder Mac Powell. In addition to having headliners that perform in the theater, you will find other artists throughout the park you can listen to.

Other Events

Dollywood hosts several different events throughout the year you won’t want to miss out on. In the spring, you can visit during the Flower and Food Festival. This event has several different aspects you will love. As you walk through the theme park, you will pass under an umbrella sky on Showstreet. At several locations throughout the park, you will see larger-than-life plant sculptures depicting Smoky Mountain wildlife and Dolly’s mother making her coat of many colors. There will be potted plants and tons of flowers all throughout the park you can take in as you walk around. In addition to flowers, you will be able to enjoy all kinds of delicious foods, including lobster rolls, tacos, and desserts.

wildwood grove dollywoodAnother event people love to go to at Dollywood is Summer Celebration. This event takes place at night, and you will see hundreds of drones flying through the air to tell a story you’ll only find at Dollywood. After the drone display, you will enjoy a musically choreographed fireworks show. Right before the drones come out, you can have a dance party in Wildwood Grove, because a DJ and energetic dancers come out and get people on their feet for some fun.

In the fall, you can enjoy Dollywood’s Harvest Festival and LumiNights. As you walk through the theme park, you will see all kinds of fall decorations. There are several bands and artists that come from all over to perform at Dollywood. There are also seasonal treats you can enjoy at several different restaurants and snack shops. After it gets dark, you can enjoy the LumiNights! There are several different light displays all throughout the park that will make you think of fall.

Of course, we can’t forget one of the largest events at Dollywood, which is Smoky Mountain Christmas. The entire theme park is decked out in Christmas lights, trees, and wreaths. There will be all kinds of delicious cookies, beverages, and meals you can only get during this time of year. Plus, your kids will want to stick around for the parade to see Santa Claus!

Fun at Dollywood

the wild eagleDuring one of these events, you can’t miss out on the regular fun that’s at Dollywood! Hop on the Wild Eagle or the Thunderhead. Get on the Dizzy Disc or the Scrambler in the Country Fair. Your kids will love going on the carousel or Black Bear Trail in Wildwood Grove. After you go on a ride, check out one of the amazing performances at a show. You’ll be so impressed by the singing and dancing! Then, head to one of the restaurants or snack shops for some refreshments. Then, you can check out Craftsmen Valley to watch these artists do their craft right in front of you, or you can browse through the shops.

We know you’ll love visiting Dollywood for any of these events, including Rock the Smokies. Want to know what else you can do while you’re in town? Check out our Adventure Power Pass to see what kinds of deals you can get on attractions when you stay in one of our cabins!