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Pigeon Forge Snow

Exciting Indoor Family Fun in Pigeon Forge

When you book one of the great cabins at Summit Cabin Rentals, you are likely planning on spending a lot of quality time outdoors. We have some of the best hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains, great places for camp fires, and much more. While we do everything possible to make your vacation with us perfect, we can’t quite control the weather.If you are here on a rainy day, however, don’t worry! There are plenty of great indoor things to do in and around the Pigeon Forge area that your entire family will love. In fact, many of these things are major attractions in their own right, and you may want to add them to your list of things to do regardless of the weather.

From museums to shopping, and much more, you’ll never be bored when vacationing in the area. If you are staying in one of our cabins and want to get out to see something fun, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our staff. We can help you find the perfect thing for you and your family. We can also help with directions, ticket prices, and much more. Read through some of the top indoor family fun locations in Pigeon Forge here:

Titanic Museum

The Titanic is the most iconic ship of all time, and with good reason. It was a massive ship for its time, making it famous even in its day. When it tragically struck an iceberg and sunk, thousands died and people around the world mourned their loss. For decades people talked about this event, and in 1997, it was the Title for an award-winning film, bringing the story back into the spotlight.Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge

Whether you are interested in Titanic history, the movie, or just want to discover more about the event, the Titanic Museum is an ideal place to visit. Located just 4.8 miles from Summit Cabin Rentals, this will make a great day trip that the whole family will enjoy. The museum was opened by one of the co-leaders of a 1986 expedition to the site where the Titanic sank, and offers millions of dollars’ worth of real artifacts from the ship.

While the artifacts are an incredible piece of history, this museum also offers a variety of interactive exhibits that everyone will enjoy. When walking through the museum you will be able to experience 28-degree water (the temperature of the ocean in the area where the Titanic went down), touch a growing iceberg, and even feel what it was like to try to steer the massive ship.

Take note that there are some outdoor attractions at this museum including a replica of the front portion of the ship, and a giant anchor. The vast majority of the experience, however, will be inside so you can enjoy it regardless of weather.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Many people would be surprised to learn that the Hollywood Wax Museum is the most photographed thing to do in Pigeon Forge, TN. Once you spend a hollywood wax museumday here, however, you’ll see why. This is a world-famous exhibit featuring wax versions of some of your favorite A-list celebrities. Both children and adults will love that they can go right up to their favorite people and pose for pictures with them.

This isn’t just a room full of wax figures, however. At this museum they have replica scenes right out of movies that you can pose in, massive wax figures of King Kong and other famous characters, wax versions of famous locations such as Mount Rushmore, and even props that you can use for posing for pictures. This really is a wonderfully interactive experience, and more fun than most people would expect. The Hollywood Wax Museum is a quick 15-minute drive (just 4.2 miles) from our Summit Cabin Rentals so hop in your vehicle and check it out.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Alcatraz is likely America’s most famous prison, and it has a lot of history and myths associated with it. This museum is a great place to visit for anyone who loves Alcatraz, but that is really just the beginning. This 25,000 square foot museum offers in-depth looks at some of the most important subjectsAlcatraz Museum Pigeon Forge related to American crime throughout the country’s history. This includes unique galleries about criminal intent, the penal system, criminal profiles, crime prevention, forensic science, the victims of crimes, law enforcement, and even the Judiciary Branch of the government.

There are over 100 different interactive exhibits to enjoy, so you can spend hours walking through the museum on your own or take the VIP tour. Whichever way you choose to enjoy the Alcatraz East Crime Museum you will see great exhibits including the actual 1968 vehicle of Ted Bundy, the 1993 Ford Bronco from the infamous OJ Simpson ‘low speed car chase,’ Charles Manson’s guitar, and much more. Due to the nature of this museum, you will want to use discretion on deciding whether or not it is appropriate for younger children. This great museum is located just 3.8 miles from Summit Cabin Rentals, so make sure to add it to your vacation itinerary.

Speedwerkz Exotic Car Museum

If you only have a few hours available and you want to see something exciting, the Speedwerkz Exotic Car Museum is a great choice. This is a smaller museum with a somewhat limited number of vehicles, but they do boast some incredible machines including Lamborghini, Porsche, and more. If you or your children are in to fast cars, and want the opportunity to see them up close, this will make a great little trip to add to your vacation. At just under 5 miles away from the cabins, you can drive over if the forecast is predicting some bursts of rain for a short time, and then return to get back into the great outdoors.

The Smoky Mountain Cat House

Museums are great, but what if you want something a little more…exciting? If that’s the case, you should stop by the Smoky Mountain Cat House. Don’t Smoky Mountain Cat Houseworry, it isn’t what you are thinking. This is a truly lovely shopping opportunity if you live cats, kittens, and all things feline (they also have some things for dog lovers). It may seem odd to go to a cat themed shop on your vacation, but you’ll be glad you did. It is one of the most highly-rated shopping locations in the area, and a surprising amount of fun.

Oh, and did we mention that there are live cats that you can pet and interact with? When you visit the Smoky Mountain Cat House you will be able to play with the many cats that are walking around, purring, sleeping, and generally doing whatever they want! Whether you have small children, or you are a cat lover yourself, this is a great place to stop. It is free to get in, and the things you can buy have surprisingly reasonable prices. This shop is just over 5 miles from Summit Cabin Rentals, so make sure to check it out!

Rockin’ Raceway Arcade

Whether you have young children with you, or you are just young at heart, the Rockin’ Raceway Arcade in Pigeon ForgeArcade will have no trouble keeping you entertained for hours at a time. This is the perfect destination for a rainy day, or if you just want to reward the kids after a long hike. You’ll be able to enjoy more than 150 arcade style games, exciting go-carts, air-hockey, virtual reality games, and much more. They also have some basic ‘kid-friendly’ food options that are actually pretty good. The arcade is 4 miles from Summit Cabin Rentals, so check it out if you are in the mood for some digital fun.

Pigeon Forge Snow

Pigeon Forge SnowLooking for something unique to enjoy? Why not go sliding down a snowy hill in a tube? Not traveling during the winter? That’s fine! Pigeon Forge has the first year-round indoor snow park, which offers endless fun for the whole family. This facility is kept between 60 and 70 degrees at all times, so you don’t need a coat to enjoy. Despite the warm temperature, they can create their own natural snow to keep the hills smooth and exciting for the whole family. At just under 4 miles away from the cabins, you can work up a sweat hiking through the woods, then drive over to this location and cool down in the snow!

Guests of Summit Cabin Rentals enjoy free tickets to Pigeon Forge Snow as well as many other attractions!

So Much More!

The Pigeon Forge area is loaded with some of the best museums, shopping districts, amusement parks, theaters, and much more. While Summit Cabin Rentals loves the great outdoors and want to help you enjoy nature as much as possible, we know that it is important to have a lot of entertainment options while on vacation. If you’re looking for something fun to do, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly team members and we’ll help you find the perfect destination in the area.