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Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge

Top 5 Indoor Attractions at The Island in Pigeon Forge You Need to Try

Whether you want to beat the heat or are looking for something fun to do on a rainy day, just head over to The Island in Pigeon Forge! This exciting entertainment complex not only features outdoor amusement rides, tempting restaurants and unique shopping opportunities, but a fantastic selection of indoor attractions! Here are the top 5 indoor attractions at The Island in Pigeon Forge that you need to experience during your vacation:

1. Alcatraz East Crime Museum

The Alcatraz East Crime Museum offers a fascinating look into American crime history with 5 distinct galleries! Altogether, the 25,000 square foot museum offers 2 floors to explore as well as more than 100 interactive exhibits! The average visit takes about 2 to 3 hours, but you should allow even more time if you are intrigued by “all things crime”! Some of the most popular exhibits in the museum include the 1968 Volkswagen Beetle owned by Ted Bundy and the 1993 Ford Bronco that carried a frantic O.J. Simpson during the famous 1994 televised police chase!

2. Arcade City

Arcade City at The Island in Pigeon ForgeAnother one of the fun indoor attractions at The Island in Pigeon Forge is Arcade City, which offers an exciting selection of games for the entire family! Test your skills on the crane machines, play some classic skee ball machines or challenge your friends to a game of hoops! Once you purchase your Play Card, you can collect points from playing games and redeem them for some fabulous prizes to take back home!

3. Battleground: Tactical Laser Tag

Battleground: Tactical Laser Tag is not your typical laser tag, but a brand new tactical laser tag game that takes place in an arena that is nearly 2,700 square feet! If you love games like Call of Duty, Fortnite and Halo, then you will love this family owned and operated attraction at The Island in Pigeon Forge! After gearing up with your laser blaster and heading into the arena, you will actually feel as if you are inside one of your favorite video games!

4. The Escape Game

The Escape Game at The Island in Pigeon ForgeGather your family and friends together to see if you have what it takes to solve the challenging puzzles at The Escape Game! As one of the most popular attractions at The Island in Pigeon Forge, the Escape Game actually features several themed rooms including Mission: Mars, Prison Break, The Heist, Classified and Gold Rush. Once you select the room of your choice, your team has just 60 minutes to solve clues and “escape” the room before it is too late!

5. Island Mirror Maze

Get lost inside the Island Mirror Maze, a 3,000 square foot walk-thru attraction with dozens of continuous circles, surprising corners and dead ends! The perfect symmetry of this maze allows you to see infinite reflections of yourself in every direction, making it a truly mind bending experience! If you want to make the Island Mirror Maze even more challenging, put on a pair of the Kaleidoscope Glasses!

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