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4 Best Rides at Dollywood for Children

One of the reasons that Dollywood was just awarded the second-best theme park award during the Gold Tickets Awards is because of the variety of activities they offer. If you are traveling to the Smoky Mountains with kids, you can be assured there are plenty of things for them to do at the amusement park, including some amazing rides. Here are 4 of the best rides at Dollywood for children:

1. The Amazing Flying Elephants

Inspired by the classic movie Dumbo, The Amazing Flying Elephants ride is always a favorite among children. On this adventure, kids can choose which elephant car they want to sit in and then take to the skies just like the famous elephant once did. Each car has its own handle so riders can decide how far up in the air they want to go. If your child is under 48 inches tall, they can be accompanied on the ride by someone who is older than 16 years of age. Your child will love being able to experience what it is like to fly on the back of these famous flying elephants!

2. Busy Bees

dollywoodThis is one of the rides at Dollywood that young children can ride alone at a very young age. Riders are strapped into one of the busy bees and then taken around in circles for a thrilling adventure. Each time they make it back around to the beginning, you will have a blast watching them smile and wave! This ride is located in the Country Fair section of the park, which is where most of the kiddie rides are located at Dollywood.

3. Village Carousel

There is nothing like a ride along the classic carousel for both adults and children. The young visitors always enjoy picking out their favorite horse to ride along with. They will have plenty to choose from because there are over 60 beautifully painted animals! Once they decide which creature they want, they can enjoy the ride as the horses dance along to playful calliope music. The carousel has been a mainstay at amusement parks for decades, and they continue to be a favorite for young children!

4. Shooting Star

fair This thrilling attraction is the first step in getting your child prepared for the signature Drop Line ride. While they are both drop towers, of course one is more extreme than the other. With their legs dangling, children are able to experience what it feels like to be dropped out of the sky! After slowly ascending to the top of the tower, the ride will drop them back to the bottom, causing the children to scream with excitement! This is also one of the few rides at Dollywood that both parents and kids can ride together, if mom and dad are up to the challenge.

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