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4 Thrilling Go Kart Tracks in Pigeon Forge You’ve Got to Visit

Ready to have a thrilling time racing your family and friends on your Smoky Mountain vacation? Pigeon Forge is home to some amazing go kart tracks loved by children and adults alike! Change up your pace on vacation and hop on a fast go kart and experience the Smokies in style! Here are 4 thrilling go kart tracks in Pigeon Forge you’ve got to visit:

1. Xtreme Racing Center of Pigeon Forge

go kartsWould you like to race around at the fastest go kart tracks in Pigeon Forge? If you are looking for a thrill, ride the go karts at Xtreme Racing Center of Pigeon Forge! This attraction advertises itself as the fastest go karts in Pigeon Forge! There are 3 thrilling tracks to choose from including the ‘Xtreme’ Track, Reverse Track, and Elevated Track. The ‘Xtreme’ Track is 3,500 linear feet of winding turns while the Reverse Track is done on the same track but backwards! Looking to test your skills? Try the Elevated Track! Race around on the 1,500-foot in a double or single kart. Have fun at this thrilling attraction!

2. The Track

Be at the center of fun in the Smokies when you visit The Track in Pigeon Forge. This attraction has a 3-level track called Wild Woody where you can experience the sights and sounds of the city from up high! Race up to the top and then ascend and start all over! This track is the signature track at the attraction and includes both single karts and double karts. This is one of the best go kart tracks in Pigeon Forge if you want to experience some heights!

3. Blake Jones Racing Center

go karts crossing finish lineDo you want to try a go kart race inside? Blake Jones Racing Center is the place to go for quality indoor racing! Race around the oval indoor track called the Figure 8 Track in a single car or double car! The go karts at Blake Jones Racing Center are green meaning they give off no odors or fumes and make little noise. Race around the oval indoor track in a single car or double car! Looking to try another activity? Black Jones Racing Center also has Spin Zone Bumper Cars for added fun!

4. Lazerport Fun Center

How does racing on one of the tallest go kart tracks in Pigeon Forge sound? You can at Lazerport Fun Center in Pigeon Forge! The huge go kart track is massive reaching 50 feet tall! Race around on the colorful track in your choice of either a single or double kart. Be prepared to plunge down a 40 foot hill and enjoy all the twists and turns! You’re going to have fun at this one!

Now you know where to go after learning about 4 thrilling go kart tracks in Pigeon Forge you’ve got to visit. Do you want to be near all the fun and excitement of Pigeon Forge? Check out all of our cabins in Pigeon Forge TN today and make your vacation a reality! We look forward to welcoming your family to the Smoky Mountains!