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the titanic museum in pigeon forge

Top 5 Popular Pigeon Forge Museums You Should Visit

Pigeon Forge has all kinds of family friendly things to do in the area, including museums! Most of these museums have interactive portions that are fun for everyone! Each one has a unique theme, so you could visit all of them and have a completely different experience!  Here are the top 5 popular Pigeon Forge museums you should visit:

1. Alcatraz East Crime Museum

alcatraz east crime museum in pigeon forgeIf anyone in your group is interested in crime, criminals, or the justice system, you have to visit the Alcatraz East Crime Museum while you’re in town! There are 5 galleries that focus on different aspects of the criminal system, including crime history, consequences of crime, crime scene investigation, crime fighting, and pop culture. With over 100 interactive portions in the museum, kids and adults will have fun learning about all facets of crime! Plus, Alcatraz East has temporary exhibits throughout the year you’ll want to experience!

2. Titanic Museum

One of the most popular Pigeon Forge museums is the Titanic Museum! Instead of a regular admission ticket when you visit this museum, you’ll receive a boarding pass with a real Titanic passenger’s name on it. Guests make their way through the self-guided tour of pictures, documents, and artifacts about the ship. There are replicas of the grand staircase and lifeboats, and you can even dip your hand in freezing cold water to see how cold the water was the night the ship sank. At the end of the tour, you’ll move into a memorial room and find out the fate of the person on your boarding pass. Satisfy your fascination with one of the most tragic events in history by visiting this museum in Pigeon Forge.

3. Hollywood Wax Museum

hollywood wax museumThe Hollywood Wax Museum is a great place to go if you’re looking for something fun to do that’s silly and sure to make your family and friends laugh! As you make your way through, you’ll see all kinds of life-like wax figures, including Tom Hanks, Jackie Chan, Michael Jackson, and Dolly Parton! All of these figures are made to look exactly like the real person, and you can take as many pictures with them as you want! There are even props to make photos more fun!

4. Beyond the Lens

A Pigeon Forge museum that takes entertainment to a new level is Beyond the Lens. The entire museum is full of interactive games and exhibits everyone in your group will love! Make your way through virtual reality games, take a picture with Bigfoot, or play in the Alien Egg Pit! These activities are fun for people of all ages, and you’ll make memories together playing at Beyond the Lens!

5. WonderWorks

wonderworksAnother great Pigeon Forge museum your entire family will love is WonderWorks! This is an interactive museum where you can learn about science, art, space, and so much more! Lay on a bed of nails, climb a rock wall, play in the bubble lab, and see all kinds of optical illusions in the art gallery! People of all ages can find something fun to enjoy about WonderWorks!

These Pigeon Forge museums aren’t the only fun thing to do while you’re in town! Look through our Adventure Power Pass to see which attractions you’ll receive free tickets for when you book one of our cabins for your next trip! We know you can’t wait to have fun on your vacation to Pigeon Forge!