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old mill in pigeon forge

Why do people love to vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN?

1510757_10152828050942240_8743546167203343786_nIf you have ever been to Pigeon Forge, you likely know the answer to the question. Still we are often asked what it is about Pigeon Forge that brings so many people here year after year. We thought we would like many of the reasons we hear from our guests who often return year after year to rent one of our Pigeon Forge Cabins and spend the week enjoying the area.

1) Pigeon Forge is a family friendly destination with outdoor adventure, quaint shopping, history, musical shows, Dollywood, Dixie Stampede, The Island and more so families with varied interest can all enjoy and have some fun.

2) Pigeon Forge is often in a central location for family and friends to meet.

3) Pigeon Forge is an affordable vacation for most. Our Cabin Rentals remain competitive and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, our #1 attraction, is still FREE to attend so families can have a wonderful time for an affordable price.

4) Dollywood and all of Dolly’s attractions which include Dollywood, Dolly’s Splash Country, Dixie Stampede and now Dolly’s Lumberjack Adventure. Dolly is one of the large draws to our area still for sure.

Come and see why so many people love Pigeon Forge, Tn and why they come back year after year.

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